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Water Level Indicator

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Water Level Indicator
Model GV-2417

Geovan water level indicator is supplied on a sturdy winding reel complete with a brake and carrying handle.
The moisture resistant electronics and standard 3Vdc battery are housed in the reel hub. This hub can be easily removed to replace the battery or check the electronics without disassembling the entire reel.


  • Flexible flat tape from JIS approved cable 1cm interval unit
  • Easy electronics removal/battery replacement, standard 3Vdc
  • Small probe diameter 12mm
  • Drum made of Steel
  • Water Detection PCB is simple and Light version 3Vdc power operation
  • Red Lamp & Buzzer Sound
  • Tape markings will not fade or wear away

Operating Principle

A two conductor cable serves to both lower the probe and connect the probe to the output circuit board. An insulating gap in the probe serves as a switch, closing upon contact with the water. This signaling contact with the water. Elevation of the water table is then read directly from the tape. Since the water acts as the electrolyte, a sensitivity adjustment is provided to compensate for varying conductivity.

Measuring the elevation of groundwater in standpipes, boreholes and wells.


  • 50m : 2.6kgs
  • 100m : 3.7kgs