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VW Piezometer

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VW Piezometer
Model GV-2407

Exact Pore Pressure Measurement
Geovan model GV-2407 piezometers are widely used to Measure ground water elevations and pore water pressures in boreholes, embankments, pipe lines, wells, mines, tunnels, road construction and soft ground monitoring projects.


  • Controlling water pressure during consolidation by continuous monitoring
  • Prediction of slope failure and remediation
  • Design for lateral earth pressures
  • Design for uplift pressures and buoyancy
  • Monitor seepage, determine phreatic line and verify models of flow
  • Monitor surface water run-off
  • Monitor rate and direction of flow of contaminated water
  • Monitor encroachment of salt water into fresh water acquifiers


Transducer Type
Vibrating Wire
Standard Range
3.5, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30Bar
0.025% F.S
+/-0.1% F.S
<0.5% F.S
Temperature Range
Thermal Zero Shift
<0.05% F.S./°C
High and low air entry Ceramic Filter
Over Load
150% F.S.
Electric Supply
5-12V DC
20mm dia x 145mm length
Material(Outer body)
Stainless Steel