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VW Soil Strainmeter

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VW Soil Stainmeter
Model GV-2457

The Geovan VW Soil Strainmeter isdeveloped to monitor lateral and longitudinal deformation of soil and different types of embankments and embankment dams.
The instrument consists of a vibrating wire displacement sensor encased in a sealed body.


  • Measurement of lateral movements in fill dams
  • Measurement of horizontal displacements in fills and embankments
  • Measurement of crack in structures produced by tensile


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Suitable for remote reading and data logging
  • Vibrating wire displacement sensor assures long term stability
  • Very robust and accurate
  • Built in lightning protection device
  • Automated measurement is possible


Type of Transducer
Vibrating Wire
Standard Range
0.025% F.S
+/-0.5% F.S
<1.0% F.S
Temperature Range
Thermal Zero Shift
<0.03% F.S/°C
Including Accessories
Angle Bracket, Anchor, Protect Extension pipe kit, Extension Rod
Material(Outer body)
Stainless Steel