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Tilt Plate

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Tilt Plate
Model GV-2421

New material TILT PLATE is light weight, robust and excellent thermal expansion coefficient properties than bronze tilt plate.
This is very convenient installation with devcon epoxy or screw.


  • Material : AL alloy
  • Outer Diameter : 142mm
  • Iner Diameter : 62mm
  • Height : 24mm
  • Weight : 0.22kgs
  • Thermal expansion coefficient : 17~19ppm/°C

Bronze tilt plate consists of non-homogeneous materials during production.

Material series AC8A to AC9B have excellent properties, heat resisting, anti-abrasion, low thermal expansion and high strength than others so these types of products are essential parts like bearing or piston for cars or vessels.

Real thermal expansion coefficient would be better
AL alloy 17~19 x 10E-6mm/mm°C than brass 20.5 x 10E-6mm/mm°C

AL alloy material is homogeneous array so it showed stable and strong molecular structure.

New material is light weight and robust.