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Multi-Level Linear Settlement Monitoring System

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Multi-Level Linear Settlement Monitoring System
Model GV-2431


  • Measure differential settlements along tunnels
  • Monitoring deflections of bridges and bridge piers
  • Monitoring settlement of building columns and floor slabs.

Operating Principle

A series of vessels are interconnected by a liquid-filled tube. One reference vessel is located on stable ground and the other vessel are located at the points of settlement. Each vessel contains a cylindrical weight suspended from a vibrating wire transducer. The common liquid level inside each vessel partially submerges the hanging weights; settlement of a vessel causes an apparent rise of the water level in that vessel leading to a greater buoyancy force on the weight and a reduction in the tension and frequency of the potentiometric.

Advantages and Limitations

Very high resolution, of the order 0.01mm, can be attained. A vent line connected to each of the vessels prevents the readings from being affected by ambient air currents and barometric fluctuations. The readings are not significantly affected by temperature changes. The vessels must be installed at the same elevation and the connecting liquid filled tubing must remain below the vessels at all points.


Sensor Principle
Contactless potentiometric linear displacement
Power Supply
12DC Volt
Signal Output
F.S. 0~10DC Volt
Sensor Accuracy
F.S. 0.1%
System Accuracy
F.S. ±0.12%
F.S. ±0.05%