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Magnetic Extensometer

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Magnetic Extensometer
Model GV-2413

For the measurement of settlement and heave in foundations

  • Relaxation of rock around tunnels
  • Embankments vertical displacement monitoring
  • Settlement and heave in large excavations
  • Pre-consolidation of soft soils
  • Landfill sites
  • Subsidence
  • Long base strain monitoring of concrete piles


  • Inserted many magnets a sensor
  • Provide stable magnetic field for long term project
  • Easy to install and read with reed switch probe
  • Mounted high spring legs on spider magnet
  • Can be combined with inclinometer tube for 3 axis movement determination


Inner Diameter
30mm~85mm(other size on request)
Magnet Type
Ferrite, Nd
Nr of anchoring legs
3 or 6 spring legs a spider magnet
Borehole Size
Ax(44mm), Bx(60mm), Nx(70mm)
100mm or 125mm